Our Story

We are a family run company founded in East End Hackney, London. Established over 37 years ago in 1972, we continually strive to provide our customers with their candle requirements manufactured to the highest standards and quality, ensuring competitive prices, personal service and guaranteed satisfaction, a major contribution to our continuous success over the years. We regularly review our procedures and suppliers to ensure that we do provide the best service right from the start.

We carry a great variety of candle styles to suit your needs. They are an inexpensive way to celebrate a religious occasion such as Christmas, Easter or any type of celebration. Candles also add a glamorous touch to your home or any custom decoration you so wish to obtain.

Our Values

We place people and planet at the heart of what we do. Our company values are focused on the following key areas and we continuously strive to improve, innovate and nurture, in order to grow as a business.


When you purchase from us you are supporting our local economy – even as a small company we are a vital player in local business and are very proud to contribute to the growth of our economy. We hope you choose to buy products made in the UK.

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Church Candles And Luxury Scented Candles

Based in the heart of East London, our independent family run business specialises in creating church candles and scented candles for a range of clients. Our collections are crafted using the very finest sustainable materials.