Pasithea Wedding Candle Soya Wax with Essential Oils in Clear (Customisable)

Under our Pasithea brand we produce wedding candles for weddings. These candles are given out as wedding favours to the guests of the wedding. These candles are custom made with a label or engraved with the details you require on them (usually names and date of the wedding). Call or email customer services for quantities and prices.


Scents include: 

Agarwood & Rose
Amazon Tuberose
Lavender Lilac
Spice Vanilla & Lemongrass
Vanilla & Jasmine

Burning time: Approx 32 hours

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Church Candles And Luxury Scented Candles

Based in the heart of East London, our independent family run business specialises in creating church candles and scented candles for a range of clients. Our collections are crafted using the very finest sustainable materials.