Prayers of comfort for Christmas time

Prayers of comfort for Christmas time

Some days are better than others.

On good days, you feel hopeful–festive, even–about the holiday season. The sight of a Christmas tree’s twinkling lights brings a smile to your lips. A Christmas jingle plays in the grocery store as you run some errands, and you find yourself humming along.

But then, out of nowhere and without warning, seeing your neighbor’s wreath fills you with dread. You think of all the reasons why you shouldn’t go to the Christmas party. And you can’t help but wonder why “the most wonderful time of the year” seems to be the worst time for you. It feels like everyone else is in the Christmas spirit and that you’re the only one feeling disconnected and alone.

You may or may not know why you feel this way. Perhaps this is your first Christmas without a loved one. Or maybe, because of a family disagreement, a family member you’re close to won’t be attending the Christmas celebrations this year. Maybe you feel stressed about not having enough money for Christmas gifts. Whatever the reason for your Christmas season sadness, the happiness that it’s supposed to bring just hasn’t come this year.

The good news is that even when you’re feeling lonely and upset, God promises to be with you. Christmas is about the journey Jesus made to come to us, to physically make his presence known on earth. God is present with you today, no matter how you feel.

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